Get The World's
Most Sustainable Pants.

Shop in our Etsy store for the perfect pair of hemp pants that are good for humans and the planet alike.

NAWELO red pants
NAWELO pants

Good for our planet.
Great for your butt.

Whether you care about saving the Earth or just about the comfort of your own butt, hemp is the answer.

Growing hemp

  • — 0 agrochemicals
  • — Highly CO2 abrbent
  • — Fights soil erosion
  • — 70% less water than cotton
  • — 50% less land use than cotton
  • — 70% of nutrients returned to soil

Wearing hemp

  • — Soft
  • — Breathable
  • — Absorbs moisture
  • — Antibacterial
  • — Hypoallergenic
  • — UV resistant
  • — 400% more durable than cotton

Make pants
not landfills.

Making the world's most sustainable pants requires much more than just using hemp.

Zero-Waste Production Our production is as close to zero-waste as possible. All leftover fabric is saved to be recycled into handmade paper.

Cradle to Cradle Philosophy Every thread, button, zip, pocket lining are made from carefully picked and sourced eco-friendly materials. Everything we do has to conform to our Cradle to Cradle philosophy.

Life-Cycle Program Because even the most durable pants will wear out eventually, we offer a Life-Cycle Program. Buying back old Nawelo products from customers in exchange for discounts and free shipping lets us recycle even more fabric and reduce waste.